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As we move into another new year it's often a time to reflect on the past, evaluate the present and look toward the future. We often start the year with high expectations and half hearted resolutions that won't go beyond January. Yet it's the intentions set that should be acknowledged and appreciated because that's what matters right?
I often feel that in this day and age it becomes overwhelming and sometimes disparaging to know what we can truly achieve. The climate, the conflict, the list goes on that you almost want to pretend it doesn't exist. Yet acknowledgement is the first step in helping the current issues we face. Contributing to the conversation is key and for busy women like ourselves it is often hard to keep up.
Which is why we are delighted to relaunch our Journal this year. A space where we can hopefully provide topics of conversation, inspiration and interest while also covering all our Curated updates. I hope you will enjoy what we curate here (contributions are always welcome!) So let's go into 2023 on our toes, ready to dance to tunes we've never heard ready (or not) to curate another year together! 

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